Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Koffee Kosmo Method, to Creating Great Microfoam

Great & easy Method for creating great micro-foam

This micro-foam method is repeatable
It is Particularly suited for machines with ample available steam with 2 to 4 steam hole tips

Stretching milk with a 2 or 4 hole steam tip  

There is a technique to using a 2 or 4 hole steam tip  
So please follow these easy steps  

  • Purge water from steam wand  
  • Use a loose hand not stiff  
  • At first use 450 ml jug and fill with cold milk to just under the lower part of pour spout  
  • Place wand just under milk in the middle of jug at 90 deg (no angle) and only give it air in the first second no more and then just keep wand under the surface
  • Important - turn on steam knob to "full steam strength”  
  • Allow steam to do the work and when milk starts to foam keep wand at 90 deg but move jug to one side until the steam wand hits the side of jug  
  • This all happens in about 10 to 15seconds and before you know it you have micro-foam  
This easy method is for high steam power machines with multiple steam holes in the wand 

However good feedback of great results has been received from users of smaller espresso machines

When you get the hang of it you can progress to larger milk jugs  

Once mastered small changes can be made to suit your machine

Happy Micro-foaming
Koffee Kosmo

  • The following link is video of a convert to the Koffee Kosmo microfoam method  
The beauty of it all is he did it with one hand and filmed with the other 

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Friday, November 5, 2010

One testimonial out of many

The KKTO is without doubt one of the finest roasters available for the home roast market - so much so that I've been known to canvas some of speciality coffee roasts through my cafe to critical acclaim!

What I like about the roaster is that it handles reasonable capacity (say 800g plus) with relative ease, and its fully customisable and adaptable for those who know what they're doing

Additionally, you have control over variables such as temperature, and duration of roast - and you can even increase air flow by simply lifting the lid, and introducing a burst of fresh air at certain choice moments throughout the roast

But most of all I'd like to commend the quality of coffee that the KKTO is capable of producing - that I would even consider running some of the roasts that I've produced from this machine through my cafe, speaks volumes about the KKTO's ability to produce cafe quality coffee at home

Quite simply the most versatile and best value for money home-use coffee roaster on the market!
Date of Posting: 27 October 2010
Posted By: Patrick Sloane
Foxy Brown Espresso, South Crescent, Northcote 3070