Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chaff Collection

Chaff Collection

While the Koffee Kosmo Roaster is agitating and roasting coffee beans 
  • During the first and second crack phase the bean husk as chaff  is shed off while roasting 
  • Once the husk separates from the beans, the chaff is forced to the outer chamber for clean, safe collection
  • Roasted beans in the roast chamber do not come contact again with the chaff during the roasting process
  • Approximately 98% of chaff is efficiently caught 

The roasting beans do not come into contact again during the roasting process once the husk separates from the bean

In the photo above

After the TO & roasted bean  insert is taken off

  • You can see how chaff is collected in the outer roasting chamber floor
  • We are left with 98% of collected chaff around the drive shaft as its final resting place
  • Once the roaster has cooled, the chaff is ready to be disposed of in the garden or bin
  • As seen - Great chaff separating results

 Clean roasted coffee beans are the result 

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