Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Begining

The KKTO roaster design was conceived with both
my requirements and my wife’s requirements

I wanted
1] large green bean volume to 800grams
2] easily repeatable roast quality

My wife wanted
1] "no clutter and no mess"                                                                 

2] be able to be packed away with ease

So the design dilemma was how to make a "home" roaster that had

1] A large capacity,
2] Beans roasted to shop quality,and a decent volume
3] Was small and dainty and made no mess

It took a while and a few dreams later I made a prototype
My wife was pleased that the roaster was small and also collected the spent chaff
And I was pleased with the capacity and the overall roast quality

The original design was made available for free to all and still is
Free DIY roaster plans on this link. 

Then came the streamline revision with the Koffee Kosmo kit to assist future home roasters with the more complex part of the build 

Coffee roaster kits or individual parts are now available from our new site

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