Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Value For Money

Just look around 
It costs thousands of dollars to purchase a coffee roaster that roasts to the capacity of the KKTO
The Koffee Kosmo kit is simply the best value coffee roaster - period -

Value for money
Even if one was starting a DIY build & "finished to the same standard"
Not using any part of the kit  the cost difference is very minimal or may even exceed the cost to the kit

Suitable for beginners or enthusiasts alike
In fact we constantly get feedback as to how easy the operation of the roaster is and how its very customisable

So Why Home Roast
  • Its Fresh and full of flavour

  • Its economical & saves you money

  • Its easy to roast coffee beans or a variety of raw nuts

  • Its a very enjoyable hobby

  • Impress you circle of friends and "Boast About Your Home Roast"

  • Freshness, flavour, control, equals "satisfaction"

    Kits Available now from the Koffee Kosmo web site Here

    Koffee Kosmo

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