Saturday, October 23, 2010

The progress from a home DIY project to a Quality Kit Set

Original design was conceived to be

  • A small coffee roaster that can be easily stored away
  • Roast coffee to near shop quality standard
  • That did not have chaff fly around everywhere when roasting coffee
  • Can hear the cracks with relative ease
  • Can be tweaked to a coffee enthusiast’s content
  • Robust construction
  • Can be copied by others with handyman skills

However what needed to be improved was

1. Having to use oven gloves to remove the hot perforated bean basket located inside the pot
2. Agitator fell with the beans when dumped to cool
3. Having to pick up the whole roaster including base to empty the spent chaff
4. Separated from the base
5. Insulation

The new design utilising the "Pasta Pot" set has addressed most items on my wish list and still true to the original design

  • The dual pot design allows one to use the pot handles to empty the roasted beans
  • The agitator is part of the roaster chamber and does not fall in the cooler with the roasted beans
  • The bottom pot can come off the base hub to easily empty its contents of collected chaff again by the handles
  • The insert fitted inside the lower pot is insulated at the bottom and double walled on the sides
  • Added a TO to pot adaptor ring
  • Volume is reduced & can be reduced more by removing the TO to pot adaptor & place the TO direct to the pot
  • Appearance of the design to be pleasing to the eye

However the KKTO can still-
  • Be tweaked to a coffee enthusiast’s content
  • Is of robust construction
  • Roast coffee to near shop quality
  • Made it easier to make & affordable by offering it in kit form even when one has to drill ones own pots
  • Plus all the other positive attributes

Hope its simple operation will roast coffee that pleases your taste buds

Buy a Roaster kit or individual parts 
Kits available here

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